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Featured Author: Anne Mallore

The author of this book, Anne Mallore, feels like writing “about the author” is like writing her obituary.  Speaking in the third person is one of her pet peeves.  However, she will give it a whirl.  Anne Mallore is an author and owner of Wags Pet Center in Marcellus, New York.  She and her husband, Carmen have been delightfully married for thirty-two years. (Wow, thirty-two?  Really?  Good for you!  That makes us, er, them, dinosaurs!)   They are blessed with two sons, CJ and Sammy that are the joy of their lives.  She currently lives in her forever home in Camillus NY with Carmen and their two shih-tzus, Lola and Clark.  She is currently working on a second book about some of the guests she has had at Wags.  Anne is also working to get her connections with her siblings back on track as working all the time kind of puts a damper on social gatherings.  She is looking forward to going back to Long Boat as it is always on her mind. 
When you are given a gift, you write a thank you note to the giver.  When you are given a gift from God, how do you send a thank you note? Anne Mallore has a natural affinity with animals.  She considers this a gift.  When faced with the devastating results of a failed former business, it was this gift that ultimately gave the author and her family “A New Leash On Life”.  As they were losing their home and all they had, they took the love of their dog and made a commitment to build a better boarding facility.  Their situation is not unique, how they handled it is.  With strength, and the knowledge that “we are, as we are supposed to be right now, no coincidences”, they worked to build a very successful pet business.   The Author and her family are proof that sometimes you need to fail to become a success.